Here at Custom Diesel Performance we do things a bit different than your average repair shop and on-line parts supplier.
Our goal is to set you up with a customized package that works best for YOUR truck and for how YOU are going to use it.
The custom combinations that we use are dyno and road tested extensively. They differ from truck to truck. What may work well on one particular vehicle, might not work as well on others. We are not interested in selling every product available on the market. We only sell what we use in our shop and the products we know work well. There are many parts and suppliers out there that will tell you anything you want to hear and will sell you whatever product that makes them the most profit margin, we pride ourselves on selling only the best working product and combination available. If you dont see it here we would not install it on your truck!!
With over 35 years combined experience, you can trust that we can get the job done right the first time.
Contact us today with any questions you might have; and remember no job is too big or too small.